Fundraising & the Purchase of the Dream Home

When we first visited OCEED Nepal Children’s Home the board planned to have a purpose built home and so we set up a donation page through the Saga Charitable Trust to raise funds and  help them achieve their aim.

Although land was purchased, planning permission and building the house proved a step too far and was taking too long so a ready built house had to be found.

During the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 Anne made visits to Kathmandu  and looked at the most appalling properties with the Board Members before they found the ‘dream home’ and an agreement to buy was made with the owner. The documents should have been signed on 26th April 2015 but the earthquake struck the day before.

The old house was badly cracked and the children and their carer’s were afraid to go back indoors so they slept out in the yard.  A make-shift tent was erected but the monsoon was coming, the house had been condemned and they needed to be indoors so a deal was agreed with the owner of the dream house and they moved in before the purchase was finalised.

Dot was at the home in Kathmandu when the earthquake struck and reported daily on the situation there through Facebook.  Donations flooded in to our online fundraising page and along with generous offline donations and the proceeds from the sale of the land which OCCED had bought we raised enough to pay for the house, renovate and paint it. Dot returned home happy in the knowledge that they had a roof over their heads after living under a tarpaulin for 6 weeks, even though they were sleeping on the floor.  Monica and Anne then arrived to help with overseeing the renovations, painting, the purchase of new bedding and kitchen equipment and the children moving into their beautiful rooms.

We had also set up to raise money for the day to day running costs of the home, but in May 2015 both these donation pages had to close.

Because we were so committed to these children and their futures, as well as other projects in Nepal in a smaller way, the idea to set up our own charity was born.

The UK charity, Saga Charitable Trust took on OCCED Nepal as one of their fund-raising projects, and until 2015 organised for UK volunteers to visit the home and spend time with the children.