Welcome to ADM Nepal Charitable Trust

A Brighter Future for Children in Need

ADM Nepal Charitable Trust is an independent registered charity established in 2016 to support disadvantaged children and young adults in Nepal through sponsorship, grants and other forms of support to NGO’s (Non-government organisations) and other organisations which provide food, shelter and education in order to improve their quality of life, leading on to good employment opportunities and independent living.

The Trust’s main focus will be on continuing to support OCCED/Nepal Children’s Home in Kathmandu Nepal. The trustees have had personal experience with this particular NGO since 2008 and have established that there is a significant need in terms of health and nutrition, housing, supervision and education.

In 2017 we began supporting two more projects in Kathmandu. New Nepal Society Centre a very poor children’s home and the Nepal Thalassaemia Society clinic where one of the OCCED children receives regular treatment.

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MY MEMORIES OF THE EARTHQUAKE by a 17 year old girl at OCCED

Posted on 11th June 2017

April 25th 2015 Everyone in their lifetime will have a memorable experience. It might be happy memories or it might be sad or even hurtful. Some memories bring a smile to our face whereas others might bring the tears rolling from our eyes. It was a Saturday morning in April. Saturday is special for everyone […]

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MURALS AT THE KANTI CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL painted by one of the boys

Posted on 10th June 2017

One of the boys at OCCED children’s home was asked to paint murals on the walls at the Kanti Children’s Hospital in Kathmandu and here he is with photos of his paintings.             #

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‘MY STORY’ by a Nepali boy who has spent most of his life in a children’s home

Posted on 5th June 2017

Hello, I am 18 years old. I was born in Mugu village high in the mountains in mid-western Nepal. I cannot remember my early childhood but know that the Maoist Rebels came about the year 2002 and raided our village with handguns and khukuri knives. They killed hundreds of people especially police, soldiers and educated […]

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