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Nepal Thalassaemia Society

Thalassaemia is a life-long blood condition inherited from parents who are symptom-free. It is commonest in Asia and Mediterranean countries.  The symptoms vary, but it causes anaemia, jaundice, poor growth, and tiredness.  In severe cases treatment includes regular blood transfusions and medication for life.

In 2009 an English lady, Wendy Pinker, set up a clinic in Kathmandu for the management of children affected by this condition.  It relies solely on funds raised in UK.  The local man who runs it without any remuneration lost his daughter to thalassaemia, and this is his tribute to her memory.

We became aware of the centre in 2016 when a 5 year old from our OCCED Home was diagnosed with the condition.  Along with 170 other patients, he now attends the centre every 3 weeks or so for a blood transfusion, as well as taking daily medication and frequent blood tests.  His energy levels, growth and school work have all improved fantastically on this treatment.


There is no state funding for Thalassaemia in Nepal.  The medication, blood tests, transfusions and taxi-fares have to be paid for by the families.  The annual transfusion costs alone are about £150.

ADM Nepal funds all the costs related to this boy’s condition.  His education and daily living expenses are funded through our sponsorship scheme by a UK donor for £450 per annum. ADM provides additional funding to support the running costs of the

Thalassaemia clinic in Kathmandu

A Brighter Future for Children in Need

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