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ADM Nepal Charitable Trust


A Brighter Future for Children in Need

ADM Nepal Charitable Trust is an independent charity registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales in 2016 to support disadvantaged children and young adults in Nepal through individual financial assistance, to NGO’s (Non-government organisations) and other organisations that provide food, shelter and education in order to improve their quality of life, leading on to good employment opportunities and independent living.

The Trust will be continuing to support the children from Occed Children's Home in Kathmandu. The trustees have had personal experience with these children since 2008 and are supporting these Students when they leave to make their way in the world.


 In the 4 years up to 2016 Anne Allen, Dot Coupe and Monica Placzek, the three founder trustees, raised in excess of £180,000 towards the purchase of the new ‘Dream Home’ for the children of OCCED and almost £20,000 towards the cost of food, education etc.

Thank you to all sponsors, supporters, family, friends, former volunteers and well-wishers. We are overwhelmed by your generosity.

In 2017 we began supporting two more projects in Kathmandu. New Nepal Society Centre a very poor children’s home and the Nepal Thalassaemia Society clinic where one of the OCCED children receives regular treatment

We have been asked why ADM? It stands for Anne Dot Monica.

Please click on the links or on PROJECTS in the navigation bar above to see more about each of these organisations, the children we support and how you can make a donation.

2020-07 Logo for website.png

Our Rangoli Logo – This Rangoli (an art form in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards) was made in coloured rice for the 2015 Tihar festival of Light by Anjali, the house mother, and two of the older children at OCCED/Nepal, so is very appropriate to use as our logo.

A Brighter Future for Children in Need

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