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OCCED Nepal Children’s Home

OCCED Nepal (Organisation for Community, Child and Environmental Development) is a non-government funded children’s home in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, which was founded in 1999 by a group of local business men.


Their aim was to provide food, shelter and education for up to forty orphaned, displaced or abandoned children until they were self-sufficient.

The children, from infancy until late teens, are cared for by resident “didis” (sisters) who are ladies & young women from rural villages who live with the children, and are totally committed. From November 2012 to January 2020 they were supervised by Anjali a part-time Home Supervisor, who was funded by our Trust

Until 2015 they lived in rented accommodation which was due for demolition. The conditions there became increasingly unacceptable, with appalling sanitation, blocked drains, mould and overcrowding. Thanks to amazing financial assistance from friends and sponsors, after the 2015 Earthquake they were able to move into a 12-year old four- storey house which is in excellent condition. The registration under the name of OCCED Nepal has been finalised.


All cooking and cleaning is done by hand, because electrical gadgets are so expensive, power supply intermittent (maybe 12 hours per day maximum), and water very precious. In 2016 the government abolished load shedding and electricity is now available 24 hours a day.

Meals are prepared over three gas rings. Dried foods are stored in large plastic containers and there is now a large fridge. The children attend schools where they are educated in English.

 In 2016 the five oldest children were successful in their end-of-school exams and went on to further education.

After obtaining their school leavers certificate the children have to leave the home and find alternative accommodation, enrol in college and find employment.

Our Trust is supporting these students in their need to achieve independence.

A Brighter Future for Children in Need

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